Saclay 2
High performance Research & Education network
An architecture for the future

  • large potential for growth : 72 pairs of fiber - 40 Gbps x 16 x 72
  • open architecture
  • combination of G652D & G655C fibers
  • multiprotocol
  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM)
  • 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps bitrate per lightwave, evolving in the near future to 40

A "state of the art" production network

  • 20 Gbps backbone
  • nx1 Gbps links for user sites, evolving to 10 Gbps
  • 1 Gbps links for partner sites on neighboring research networks, evolving to 10 Gbps
  • 1 Gbps link to Renater, the national research and education network, evolving to 2x10
  • access to the trans-European Research & Education backbone GEANT2
  • access to the commercial Internet

  • supervised by the Alcatel NOC in France, backed up by the Alcatel European NOC,
    located in Austria - maximum recovery time : 4 hours
  • dual central node (X & HEC), with each user site connected to each central node

A high performance pilot network

  • evolution to 40 Gbps per lightwave
  • fiber pairs separate from those used by the production network
  • goal :  explore innovative application & services, in partnerhip with Carriocas, a pilot
    research project launched by System@tic, a competitiveness cluster in the Paris Ile-de-
    France region, with a strong focus on the Saclay area

Phase 1 (August 2007)
Phase 1 sets up the production network, links the founding members to
  the two central nodes, the neighbouring regional networks and to the
  national backbone, accommodating IP v4 and IP v6 unicast and multicast

  • Central nodes (X & HEC)
  • Multi-protocol router :  Alcatel 7750 SR-7
  • availability : 99,999 %
  • switching (parallel, full duplex mode) : 400 Gbps
  • routing : 316 Mpps
  • DWDM Alcatel 1696 Central Office
  • up to 16 10 Gbps lightwaves per fiber pair
  • supports 40 Gbps transponders with the 1626LM extension
  • User sites : Alcatel Ethernet Omniswitch 6850
Phase 2
Phase 2 extends the production network to additional user sites and
  classes of service are deployed across the network.

  The pilot network is deployed on the DWDM infrastructure and high
  bandwidth applications are experimented, especially in the field of
  distributed computing and immersive telepresence.